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Product Description

Hair threading is a practice that dates back to ancient times in Central Asia and India, and is a gentle and effective way to remove unsightly facial hair on women. Facial hair may be common in women with high amounts of androgens, and hormone conditions such as PCOS.

This facial hair may appear on the upper lip, cheeks, chins, and on the sides of the face. Bellesentials Facial Hair Remover was created to make hair removal painless. Traditional hair removal tools such as tweezers can be painful, and don’t get the full hair, plus plucking can lead to painful bumps and ingrown hairs.

Bellesentials Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool lets you remove hairs from the roots with one quick movement.

Why use this threading tool?

This threading tool is a new twist on an old way.

  • It safely and easily removes facial hair. Especially on the upper lip and chin areas.
  • You can use it as often as you like because this threading tool does not irritate or damage the skin like bleaching, removal creams or tweezers can do. Importantly, it will not discolor the skin like bleaches can do over time. Leaving dark spots where the facial hair tends to grow.
  • It pulls hair out from the roots and takes longer to grow back about six weeks or longer.
  • Less irritation on your skin making it perfect for all skin types, especially super sensitive skin.

Using Bellesentials hair Remover frequently will leave your skin soft and smooth to the touch!

Easy to Use

To use it all you have to do is make a U shape with the spring and twist to remove that unwanted facial hair.

It is so easy to use, even your grandmother would have no problem making herself beautiful. It is made of FDA approved coil springs which are made of hypoallergenic carbon steel.

Cleaning the tool

To clean it just pour rubbing alcohol on a soft cotton ball then rubbing it on the spring coil.

It’s compact and light weight which makes it easy for travel so you can take it on vacation and keep all your little unwanted hairs away. If you find that your unhappy with this product, it has a 100% money back guarantee.


To use:

Simply bend the tool into a ā€œUā€ shape and place it on the area where you want to remove hair, then twist.

It’s done, and with no pain!

It can’t be easier, and this Facial Hair Remover was made to travel, so you get picture perfect on your next vacation, before a wedding, or any big event. Just fold it up and go!

Watch Bellesentials Facial Hair Remover in action!

and more details in this video

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