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Did you know that at least ninety-five percent of the population suffer from teeth grinding? Nightly grinding of teeth may or may not wake you up, so it is hard to tell if you are a grinder. Waking up with a sore jaw bone or aching teeth are some of the symptoms. Other symptoms can include facial pain, headaches or migraines, difficulty to chewing due to blunt teeth, gum recession, insomnia, and depression. Gritting and/or grinding the teeth can also cause TMJ disorder (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and Tinnitus, (a ringing or other sounds heard by only the person with the disorder), damaged dental work and worn down or lost enamel, causing teeth to be more sensitive to the cold or hot temperatures.

Relief is easily found with Natuerlabs Mouth Guard for teeth grinding. It helps with preventing the damage done from normal grinding and from those with Bruxism. While it cannot replace enamel lost due to grinding, it can prevent more damage from being done. Many people using this product regularly have experienced less pain and aches in the face and jaw.

Natuerlabs Mouth Guard is made from FDA approved EVA, which is a material similar to rubber but super tough and very flexible. It is also BPA and Latex free.

While there are literally hundreds of products on the internet that offer to stop grinding or prevent wear on the teeth from grinding, Natuerlabs Mouth Guard offers something they do not; an easy do-it-yourself process that allows for customization of the guard to a fit that works for each person. With a custom fit, the guard will hold to the teeth better, preventing most, if not all of the damage that comes from gritting and grinding teeth. Natuerlabs Mouth Guard lasts twelve months longer than most other mouth guard products, even with daily use.

Natuerlabs Mouth Guards can also be used as a teeth whitening tray, which helps keep down on a bunch of clutter on your bathroom counter from too many products. Because of the custom fit design, the guard will give an overall whiting that cannot be achieved with whitening strips.

The mouth guard even comes with a travel tray so you can protect or whiten teeth wherever or whenever the need arises. And if for any reason you’re not satisfied with this product, it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.


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To fit the NatuerLabs dental guard to your mouth, simply remove it from the packaging, and place it in a bowl of water heated to 60 degrees for 15 seconds or until it becomes soft. Pay attention to the shape of the guard, as it becomes soft and narrow quickly! Remove it carefully, dry it out and place it on your teeth. While inhaling, push the guard down over your teeth with your tongue, and hold it down for 20 seconds with your thumb. Once you’re satisfied with the fit, let the guard sit in a bowl of cold water for 20 seconds to settle into shape. Once cooled, see how it feels in your mouth. That’s it, you’re done!

Now you have a custom-fit dental guard that lets you prevent TMJ, make teeth whitening quick and easy, and stop grinding your teeth at night. The handy “to go” case lets you use it on vacation without a worry.